Gear Up for a Great Shoot !

Film, Video and Print Photography productions all need production supplies to help succeed, and now there’s a new one-stop spot to find and rent them in Portand, Oregon. Wether you’re a local needing some extra great gear for your next shoot, or flying in from out of state but sure don’t want to pay excess baggage fees on gear you can get once in town, we’ve got you covered!

Being filmmakers ourselves, we understand having the proper creature comforts for your cast, crew and client is just as important having the right grip equipment to make any shoot a safe and pleasant one. Trailhead Production Provisions rents clean, well-maintained production gear so all you have to bring is your camera and imagination!

We LOVE where we live and are sure you’ll love visiting too! Oregon is a very special place and full of many amazing locations including High Desert landscapes, The stunning Columbia Gorge, unspoiled coast, urban textures and of course warm, friendly people.